LDA Source Code (License Agreement and Registration Required)

If you want to get LDA Source Code of TOMBO 2019, please read first the following Compliance Agreement, which should be obeyed by anyone who uses this source code. If you agree all of these items, press "AGREE" button below. Then, you have to register your name, affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Your ID and Password will be automatically issued (and you can login next time by these ID and Password). Then, you can download LDA Source Code of TOMBO 2019.

Compliance Agreement to be obeyed by anyone who uses this Source Code:

(1)This Source Code is open for academic use only. Any commercial use is strictly forbidden. However, not only academic people (students and researchers) but also company people can download this Source Code.

(2)Anyone who uses this Source Code cannot distribute it or its modified version to anyone else.

(3)If you find any bug or problem, please send the detail information to TOMBO group (tombo@ynu.ac.jp).

(4)TOMBO group can use the registered information for support if necessary, but does not use it for any other purpose.